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Skills Builder Partnership brings together educators, has impact organisations and employers around a shared mission: ensuring that one day, everyone builds the essential skills to succeed. We believe that a normal part of a good education should be building essential skills including speaking and listening, creativity and problem¬†solving, aiming high and staying positive, and leadership and teamwork. The partnership with Savannah Wisdom Foundation since 2018 has enabled transformational programmes in schools across the Northwest, as well as advocating for wider change and parental support of engagement with their children’s learning.

Some of our work together has included:

  • Supporting girls of Asian heritage in Manchester to expand their understanding of different career and learning routes, and to build the essential skills that they need to pursue those different routes. This included workshops in schools, information sessions for parents, and trips to businesses to explore different workplaces.
  • Training teachers in how to build the essential skills of 3,000 of their students at scale across nine schools in Greater Manchester and Liverpool through providing an essential skills curriculum and strategic support.
  • Advocating together for greater parental engagement in education, including responding to parliamentary enquiries and building the evidence base for why parental engagement makes such a big difference.

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