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Mustard Tree 110 Oldham Road Ancoats Manchester M4 6AG

Combatting poverty and preventing homelessness has been Mustard Tree’s leading mission for almost 30 years – tackling the causes and consequences of poverty.

Mustard Tree facilitate moving on from poverty through practical support, vocational training, skills, and connections into work. For the 10,000 footfall the charity has each month, they offer 121 supports around needs such as debt and finances; provide low-cost food, furniture and white goods through their Community Shops and Food Clubs; facilitate a range of vocational and creative programmes and deliver their flagship six-months life skills and employability training programme, the Freedom Project.

Focussing on improving mental and financial wellbeing, Mustard Tree believe in a Greater Manchester where everyone has the opportunity to be a connected, valued and contributing member of society.

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