Manchester City Council

Savannah Wisdom worked with Manchester City Council to set up a Hardship Fund during the Pandemic to support freelance artists with grants to help them through a difficult time when no other support was available.

“Yes, it definitely has. I felt so relieved that I cried, because for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic I was getting some support. When I received the grant I was in quite a desperate situation, and thanks to it I was able to pay the rent. The grant has allowed me to buy some time to get back on my feet. My mental health has also improved!”
“Receiving this grant has allowed me to continue to focus on my work in the arts".
“Absolutely. On a practical level it allowed me to get a handle on my personal finances and get through another few months while unable to work, and on a personal level it was a much needed lift after being… knocked back by other local/central government support schemes”

Savannah Wisdom has also worked with the Council on a programme to build the skills and confidence of young Asian girls in some of the more marginalised communities of Manchester, having concluded research on what causes the barrier to employment among young Asian Women.


Shalni Arora managed the B & M community fund giving out grants totalling £2 million to communities across the UK.

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British Asian Trust

Shalni Arora is a trustee of the British Asian Trust and Chair of the Finance and Risk committee.

The British Asian Trust is a unique organisation led and driven by the South Asian diaspora and by a powerful belief that traditional approaches to philanthropy and development will not alone, solve the challenges of the region.

The programmes tackle problems and inequalities in the areas of education, livelihoods, mental health, anti-trafficking, and conservation.

They work in partnership with others to design and deliver programmes, raise funds, convene partnerships that combine new social finance tools, philanthropy, and technology to deliver impact at scale. They focus on outcomes driven programmes, so that they are delivering and measuring real change for the communities they serve.