Transforming Skills Education for schools in the Greater Manchester area

Savannah Wisdom is delighted to continue to offer our support to The Skills Builder Partnership that aims is to provide the essential skills that all of society needs to build for a successful and fulfilling life. The partnership research shows that these skills are directly correlated with higher grades, higher self-efficacy, higher aspirations and higher earnings.

The partnership has just produced its mid-project report – providing updates on the schools Savannah Wisdom are supporting and a summary of the impact to date, based on school feedback and testimonials.

So far, the programme has:

  • developed a tailored whole-school strategy for each school in how they will improve skills education across their school
  • reached 129 Teachers – providing them with guidance, tools, and resources to help confidently teach essential skills
  • engaged with 1,687 students

Watch out for the progress of the project in future posts, including on the achievements, the impact on students, and their future plans.

Find out more here: The Skills Builder Partnership

Policy Work

In addition to funding The Accelerator programme, Savannah Wisdom Foundation is also providing funds to help The Skills Builder Partnership scale up their policy work, which plays a crucial role in their mission towards system-wide change. They are currently advocating for the universal adoption of the Skills Builder Framework and are seeking to influence all in the education and employment sectors.

Skills Builder Partnership have also just released their Essential Skills Tracker which not only provides a picture of how adults across the UK are building and using essential skills but shows where the gaps are.

In collaboration with YouGov, more than 2,200 adults completed an assessment against the Skills Builder Universal Framework. These assessments of essential skills including teamwork, communication, and creativity skills were then linked up with key demographic, job, education, and earnings data.

Find out more here: Essential Skills Tracker 2022 (