Her Untapped Potential increases the skills and confidence of girls of South Asian heritage #DayoftheGirl

On International Day of the Girl 2019 Savannah Wisdom Foundation is pleased to share the results of its Her Untapped Potential programme Year One evaluation. The programme aims to include young British Asian women in growth strategies to support their greater work force participation and integration.

The programme in Year One delivered an in-schools pilot during the 2018/19 school year which focused on supporting two groups of girls of South Asian heritage across two schools in Greater Manchester to plan their move into meaningful employment in the future. The pilot was delivered in partnerships with NGO Enabling Enterprise, supported by Manchester City Council.

The evaluation demonstrated that the pilot enabled girls who took part to increase their skills beyond that of their peers; almost all of girls involved self-reported an increase in their confidence; and 80% of parents/carers reported an increase in their own personal knowledge of career paths for their daughters.

One pupil who took part shared: “Ideas about my future have changed and I have set higher standards for myself.”

Her Untapped Potential is part of Savannah Wisdom’s on-going work in the UK to ensure better integrated communities through social mobility.

A summary evaluation report is available here: Her Untapped Potential Year One Evaluation, a report from Savannah Wisdom Foundation, Autumn 2019

For further information and to discuss working in partnership, please contact admin@savannahwisdom.org

Her Untapped Potential is funded by Savannah Wisdom Foundation, in partnership with UBS Optimus Foundation.