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Savannah Wisdom promotes more sustainable approaches to security rather than violent confrontation, through research, advocacy and policy recommendations. We support local action and reaction to conflict as well as larger thought led initiatives, such as the Remote Control Project.

The Remote Control Project examines the impact of changes in military engagement, investigating some of the key security issues facing the international community today; the increasing reliance on drone warfare, the use of private military firms and special forces, and cyberwarfare. The Remote Control Project is an initiative by the Network for Social Change and hosted by the Oxford Research Group.

Remote Control project

Remote Control Project website:

The Remote Control Project has commissioned a series of monthly briefings from Open Briefing on remote-control warfare. They cover developments in five key areas of remote warfare: special forces, private military and security companies, unmanned vehicles and autonomous weapon systems, cyber warfare and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

Remote-control warfare briefings:

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