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On a Mission to Calcutta 27-09-16

Volunteering at the Mother Teresa Home in Calcutta made me doubt our strategy; providing welfare versus philanthropy for structural change.

One afternoon I held a severely disabled girl (probably the most neglected group of children in India) up to an open window so she could hear and see the outside world.…

The London Anti-Corruption Summit – an opportunity

Corruption has a corrosive impact on prosperity, growth, security and the fight against extreme poverty.  The London Anti-Corruption Summit provides a unique opportunity for global leaders to do something concrete about it.  We want leaders to prevent corruption, punish those that are corrupt and protect those that do something about it. …

Childline, Aangan and Majlis – Reports on a field visit to Mumbai

Sat on the floor of a hut in the slums, a young girl asks me ‘Why do you want to help us?’  Its such a cynical question from such a young mind, hardened to the motivations of man and society.  We can come out with phrases like ‘It’s my duty to leave the world a better place,’ or ‘I believe all young girls should be given the opportunities I have been,’ or we can discuss issues around empowerment and inequality, rights and access, all of which are relevant. …

A murky practice at the NHS

What is needed is an update on current documents, the Bribery Act, the Nolan Principles and the Sunshine Rule

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