Unveiling the South Asian Gallery

Savannah Wisdom is pleased to announce our support of Manchester Museum and their new permanent exhibit ‘The South Asian Gallery’. Manchester Museum has created the gallery as part of its £15m renovation. The South Asia Gallery, a British Museum partnership, presents a compelling, contemporary take on South Asian and British Asian culture. It is the […]

Manchester Museum’s New Social Justice Manager Takes the Lead

Savannah Wisdom is proud to announce our support to fund a new Social Justice Manager position with Manchester Museum. The newly created role demonstrates the museum’s steadfast commitment to becoming more inclusive, caring, and imaginative. Many of the museum’s most local communities are socially fragmented, experience high levels of poor health and inequality, and are […]

Challenging the legal system

The Modern Conscience of India Savannah Wisdom has been pleased to support Indian human rights lawyer Colin Gonsalves and his organisation, the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), and their innovative use of public interest litigation to secure fundamental human rights for India’s most vulnerable and marginalised citizens.  In recognition of his work, Colin has been […]

Inclusive growth and integrated communities in Greater Manchester

Trust means expectation and predictability. Trust in a community means a positive expectation of a certain behaviour and communities that trust each other are cohesive.  Deprivation and poverty have more to do with a lack of trust than ethnicity and therefore it can be said by tackling poverty and inequality, communities will become more cohesive. […]

The importance of remembering there are two basic emotions, fear and love.

August 15th 1947, the British hand over India to govern herself, but not as they found it, instead in two pieces; The ‘Partition’ resulted in India and the newly formed nation state Pakistan.  This led to the single largest uprooting of people in modern history, the largest migration with 12-14 million people crossing the newly […]

Improving Outcomes for South Asian girls in the UK

  The north west of England faces serious challenges in terms of social deprivation, particularly in and around Liverpool and Manchester.  Among widespread disadvantage, certain population groups face greater economic disadvantage than others- particularly Asian women.    Rather than victimising these women, we advocate for an alternative, more positive narrative on social mobility and community integration. […]

British Asian Trust Dinner 2017

The British Asian Trust hosted its 2017 Dinner on Thursday 2nd February at the Guildhall in London. The night proved to be extremely successfully with notable guests turning out to support the charity and the work in South Asia. The Founder and President HRH The Prince of Wale and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall attended […]

On a Mission to Calcutta 27-09-16

Volunteering at the Mother Teresa Home in Calcutta made me doubt our strategy; providing welfare versus philanthropy for structural change. One afternoon I held a severely disabled girl (probably the most neglected group of children in India) up to an open window so she could hear and see the outside world. Till then her day […]

The London Anti-Corruption Summit – an opportunity

Corruption has a corrosive impact on prosperity, growth, security and the fight against extreme poverty.  The London Anti-Corruption Summit provides a unique opportunity for global leaders to do something concrete about it.  We want leaders to prevent corruption, punish those that are corrupt and protect those that do something about it.  Without real global cooperation […]